Monday, February 24, 2014

Start of Route 66

No more delaying the inevitable. It's time to brave the cold and get back on the road. Since the whole reason for this trip was to drive Route 66 you could say that our journey now begins here in Chicago on the banks of the Lake Michigan. Like I mentioned in my last post, our goal is to make it to Oklahoma City sometime tonight and turn in when we get there. I am really hoping it warms up quickly because I am realizing how much I despise the cold weather and the heater in the car is a little weak.

The car still seems to be holding up but I am still nervous about its durability. I guess its safe to say I don't trust my mechanics skills. We have performed a bandaid fix on the windows that should stop the wind from blowing into the car for now. There are no weatherstrips on the side windows so there is a good half inch of space when the windows are all the way rolled up. Solution, stuff some clothes in there and roll the windows up tight. We'll see how it holds up.

Short post today since we didn't do any traveling but hopefully I will have some stories and pictures to share with you from OKC. Until later tonight.

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