Thursday, February 27, 2014

God Bless Texas.

   I have decided to stop over estimating how far we will actually get each day. I did not take into account that my GPS thinks we will be going 70+ mph constantly when really taking Route 66 requires me to stop every now and then. Also my car doesn't like going over 70 mph very much. With that being said we made it to Vega, TX which is just West of Amarillo, TX about 30 miles or so.
   Yesterday evening we rolled up onto the Cadillac Ranch just as the sun was setting so we snapped a couple of pictures while there was still a little sunlight, did a little graffiti then headed to the Big Texan for some dinner. The Big Texan is known for offering a free 72 oz. steak if you are able to eat the whole thing along with two sides in one hour. I did not elect to try this and it kind of made me sick thinking about. I went ahead and ordered a rack of ribs which the waitress recommended an what do you know it was a huge plate of ribs. A note to my Texan readers out there, everything might be bigger in Texas but a mediocre plate of ribs isn't going to taste any better if it is larger. I am almost 75% sure our waitress was drunk but it was still a good Texas experience even if it was super touristy.
   We stopped at a few other places yesterday and snapped some photos but the Cadillac Ranch was my highlight. I am not a huge Cadillac guy but it's not very often you see half buried cars in the middle of a field. Believe it or not Texas is one of the shortest states we have to drive through. The only one beating it out is Kansas which we spent a grand total of 20 minutes in. Last night we stayed in the Bonanza Motel in Vega, TX.
   So today is the day we plan on making it to the Wigwam Motel in Holbrook, AZ where we will spend the night in a teepee. Not a whole lot of landmarks on our journey today but a whole lot of New Mexico countryside. From what it sounds like Route 66 doesn't follow the interstate as much as it has been thus far as it veers off into ghost towns. Up until now Route 66 has been, for the most part, right next to the interstate which takes away from the feeling of the old days so it is exciting to think about getting off the beaten path and seeing some American history. Hopefully I can get some awesome pics of the desert land ahead.
   As far as the car goes it is still running with little issue. I am afraid to tweak anything cause last time I did that it was a month before I got it back to running status. I did make a very needed addition to the car though. I don't know if I mentioned this but I was unable to take time to install a radio in the car before I left so needless to say I finally broke down and got myself a high tech stereo system pictured below. Funny enough we were listening to a top hits radio stationed through an app and the second we passed into Texas it played it's first country song. We had been listening to that station for a few hours and no country music until it hit Texas then it played 4 straight songs.
   It was brought to my attention that my blog was not allowing some people to leave comments. I apologize for this and have fixed the problem so you should now be able to leave comments if you wish which I encourage. Feel free to share your road trip stories, advice as I move through the Southwest, or just drop a line and say hey.



Thanks to the Pedersens and another anonymous donation we have surpassed the halfway mark. We are right on track as I will be passing the halfway mark of my journey here in a few short miles. Thank you all so much for everything you have given. Spokane guilds School thanks you as well. Before I post my pics from yesterday here is a photo of the little man that inspired this trip.

Finally got us some tunes. (The blue thing is a speaker)

Finally starting to warm up.

The U Drop Inn Cafe in Shamrock, TX (Also known as Ramone's Garage in Cars)

Giant Soda Pop Store in Arcadia, OK (mmm.. Soda)

The infamous Cadillac Ranch in Amarillo, TX

Having some fun at The Big Texan

Bonanza Motel Vega, TX

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