Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Meet Me in St. Louie Louie...

Well we didn't make it as far as we hoped. To be completely honest we didn't even get close. We made it to Rolla, MO which is about an hour and a half west of St. Louis and stay in the Rustic Motel just off of Route 66. The room was clean and the price was right so it wasn't too bad of a decision although, the "non-smoking" room smelled like someone rubbed an ashtray all over the room. But like I said, the price was right at $40 and we were just looking for a warm place to sleep for the night and the Rustic Motel did the job.
So far Route 66 has lived up to it's hype. The road really does take you back to the good old day. The road is filled with old gas stations, little diners, and the highway itself is a little run down. We stopped for lunch at the Old Log Cabin Inn and had some burgers and fries. It was exactly how I imagine every little diner along the route is like. There were only two other customers besides us who the lone waitress was addressing on a first name basis, the cook/owner was out talking to one of the gentleman having his recently made meal. Once we found a spot to sit at the bar I noticed a white board on the wall with a list of peoples birthdays for this month, presumably some of the locals. After eating me burger which tasted like it just came off of the grill at a Sunday bbq from home, I noticed some random mugs hanging on a peg board behind the bar. I didn't think much of the mugs for a while but then realized that some of the regulars had their own mugs, some to go mugs and some just mugs from home it looked like. The place reminded me a lot of the little diner in Edwall, WA and it was a fun experience. After we left I realized I didn't take any pictures but I found one online which I posted below.
Once back on the road we did our best to follow Route 66 but found ourselves giving up now and then and taking the main highway through parts of Illinois and Missouri. I didn't realize this before this trip but Route 66 is no longer a complete road. For the most part there have been signs put up to lead you to where the road used to be and we are following some turn by turn directions we found online but it is still tough to follow at times.
We are going to try and make it to Arizona today but there are a few sights we want to see along the way so we'll see how distracted we get. Today we hope to see the real Mater, the Cadillac Ranch, and many more Route 66 sights. I'll do my best to take more pictures.

It looks like the donations have come to somewhat of a stand still at $216 so if you are reading this please pass on the word so we can raise some money for the institution that deserves our help. If you don't feel comfortable donating through the site I have set up at Crowdrise.com you can just donate directly at the Spokane Guilds School website. Shoot me a quick email if you decide to go through the School's website letting me know you sent in a donation so I can keep track. You can stay anonymous if you wish. My email is nathangeorgeis@gmail.com. Well we are off again. here are the pictures from yesterday.

Old Log Cabin Inn. Pontiac, IL

Our make shift window molding to keep the cold wind out.

Missouri was a bit boring to drive through.

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