Friday, February 21, 2014

Gentlemen, Start Your Engines.

   The day has finally come!! I am hitting the road here in a few short hours after spending the last 4 weeks getting my car road worthy. I can't even start to describe the frustration and anger I have gone through with this car that has had one thing go wrong after the other. On the bright side all this didn't happen on the the side of the road halfway through Texas and I was able to fix everything. With that being said I would like to send a special thank you out to my amazing wife Amanda who has had to put up with me trying to fix this car as well as my uncle Simon who somehow was able to walk me through a lot of the repairs over the phone. Another thank you goes out to the Auto Skills shop on Fort Meade who provided insight as well as a warm place to work with all the tools you can imagine.
   I am not sure I fully explained on the details so here they are. I will be driving my 1965 Chevrolet Impala (photo below) that I just purchased from Baltimore to Chicago. Once I reach Chicago my friend Daniel will join me as we do our best to follow Route 66 from Chicago to Los Angeles. Once we reach Los Angeles the plan is to make our way north to Spokane. That is the route we plan to take stopping to see the sights as well as friends and family along the way.
   So on to the details of my first leg. I plan to depart here, Baltimore, and make my way to Chicago where my friend Daniel has been so patiently waiting for me for the past few days while I worked on my stubborn car. In today's drive I will traverse Maryland, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Indiana, then on to Illinois. I plan on making this leg a straight shot getting me into Chicago sometime in the early afternoon. Daniel and I have planned to spend a few hours in Chicago taking in the sights and resting up for our trek across Route 66.
   So that is the plan for today. I will do my best to create daily posts telling of our adventures and will try and attach a photo as well. Well I am off to pack, so until tomorrow my friends.



A special thanks to my mom and dad as well as Mr. and Mrs. McCulley for their donations.

For you motor heads out there, here is the work I ended up having to do:

Brake Shoes (All 4 wheels)
Brake Calipers (All 4 wheels)
Rear Axle Bearing
Spark Plug Wires
Spark Plugs
Timing Chain
Fuel Filter

Work Done:
Change the Oil/Oil Filter
Change the Transmission Fluid
Flush the Cooling System

Mind you before owning this car the extent of my car repair knowledge was oil, brakes, and belts. I know a little more then that now...

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