Sunday, February 23, 2014

Enjoying the Windy City

   First leg complete! It was a long day but I finally made to Chicago last night and met up with Daniel for some well deserved pizza and beer at Giordanos. The trip took longer then planned because I had to stop a couple times to take naps but after 15 hours of traveling I arrived in the windy city. I was pretty exhausted and sick of driving when arrived so instead of taking off last night like I had planned we decided to stay in the area for the night.
   Got a good nights rest and had a great breakfast, egos and coffee. After talking, Daniel and I decided to take the day to relax and prepare for our route 66 excursion. We are now planning on leaving first thing tomorrow morning with the goal of making it to the Oklahoma City area where we will stay the night. Daniel's excuse is that he has some work to do while I am just not ready to jump back in the car for another 12 hour trip. So today we prepare and tomorrow we depart.
   The car is holding up nicely. It started to act up a little bit when I got into Chicago which got me pretty stressed out. It liked to die at the stop lights so I had to shift into neutral every time I stopped to keep the RPMs up. I think it was as sick of driving as I was and needed a break because after Dan and I got some pizza and beer it was running nicely again. I think the lot of us are ready for a warmer climate. I am trying not to stress out too much about the car but after a car has given you as much trouble as this one every little noise you hear puts you on edge.



Thanks to an anonymous donation we are now up to $216. Thank you all for the donations thus far.

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