Monday, March 3, 2014

Baby Steps to Spokane...

I would like to start this post off by apologizing for my last post. I know it was a whole day late and reading back through it I realized how rushed and sporadic it sounded. I had a blast driving Route 66 and I recommend everyone do at least part of it sometime in their life. It was fun seeing all of the old businesses that are still surviving along the route that have been there since the beginning. I was able to see some of America's history as well as see some states that I never have. We came close to seeing the Grand Canyon which I would have loved to stop and see but at the time we were in a race against the sun so maybe next time.
I left off my last post in Palo Alto where we stayed the night before last. We were able to meet up with some high school friends, get some food and drinks, and do some catching. It was so nice getting off the road for one night and just relaxing and having a good time with old friends. That night we crashed on our friend's couches after playing some super smash bros on his nintendo 64. The next morning we grabbed some delicious brunch and took the train back to my car in San Jose.
Once we got back to the car I was able to find a parts store nearby that had a headlight switch in stock hoping that I would be able to fix the no headlights issue. Low and behold after switching out the part the headlights returned. We have rejoined the 20th century and can drive at night. With that little win in our back pocket we started or journey north to the nice and freezing Pacific Northwest. We stopped at In-N-Out burger for some dinner which is a must anytime you are in California and then later on down the road decided to stop in the outskirts of Redding, CA to spend the night and get some rest.
Up to tis point we decided that we had gone 2 for 5 in picking a good clean place to stay for a night, this hotel did not increase our percentage. We decided on a Motel 6 right off of the freeway because of it's cheap price and that it was right there. After checking in we headed to our room and when I walked in I noticed a smell that I couldn't quite put my finger on but it didn't bother me too much so I set my stuff down and started to get comfortable. It was at this time that Dan remember that Motel 6 lets people bring their animals for free and decided to tell me which shattered the glass for me. The weird smell I couldn't put my finger on before was wet dog and it was almost unbearable now that I knew what it was. I couldn't decide if this smell was better or worse then a smoke smell but I soon got tired enough that it didn't matter and I was able to get some shut eye.
The car is still hanging in there. I had to pull off the freeway last night because it started to back fire out of the carburetor every so often and it sounded like a gun shot every time. It has been backfiring every now and then when the motor was under load but nothing like this before. So I pulled off and into a hotel parking lot, just in case, and adjusted the timing a little bit as well as the carburetor jets. I reluctantly got back on the freeway and what do you know it ran better then it had most of the trip. No backfires and a little more power. Right now I am adjusting everything by sound and feel since the way it is set up now the car shouldn't even start. Just trying to get it close enough to my dad, Uncle Simon, and Ryan so they can take a look at it.
Like I mentioned above we made it as far as good old Redding a short 12 hour trip to Spokane, WA from here. So that is the plan, Spokane or bust. If we can just get within 2 or 3 hours of Spokane I don't see much of anything that will stop us. If we can drive straight through that means our very longer and adventurous journey will come to an end tonight. I am looking forward to not having to stay in questionable motel rooms and some real food.
With the donations sitting at $900 we have a day to get that last $100. That is only $10 from now until 8pm tonight. Spread the word. Spokane Guilds School deserves every cent for all of the help they provide these kids and their families and they depend on your donations. Skip the movies today and give that $10 to a well deserving institution.

Since we are done with the historic Route 66 we really haven't taken any pictures so here are a couple of clips of Caleb, one telling you how GREAT you all are for your very generous donations and the other warning us of the weather to come as we reluctantly leave the fair weather of California.

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